File:Ancient Lava Dragon Kea.jpg
A living manifestation of the primordial natural realm, Raziel channels the power of the oldest trees and ancient beasts.
Lvl 80 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
HP 2189
ATK 1000
DEF 487
REC 239

Combo SkillEdit

Ancient Lava Dragon Kea's combo skill is with Eldric. It changes all drawn Cards to the Fire element.

How to obtain Edit

Ancient Lava Dragon Kea can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve Edit

Ancient Lava Dragon Kea can be evolved into Mythic Lava Dragon Kea.

This evolve will cost:

  1. Ancient Lava Dragon Kea at max level 80
  2. 4 5-star heroes
  3. 1 Fire Sentinel
  4. 600K Gold
  5. Another Ancient Lava Dragon Kea
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