Each hero has an alignment that is randomly assigned. The hero alignment affects how its base parameters are increased or decreased. Therefore, similar heroes may differ in their final stats depending on their type. For example, a max-leveled Breaker-type hero will have more ATK and less DEF compared to all other types for the same hero.

Type Effects on Base Stats
Lord All stats gain bonus of 5%
Anima HP increased by 15%, REC decreased by 5%
Breaker ATK increased by 15%, DEF decreased by 5%
Warden DEF increased by 15%, ATK decreased by 5%
Oracle REC increased by 15%, HP decreased by 5%


Fire Water Earth Light Dark
Fire     - Weak Strong     -     -   
Water Strong      - Weak     -     -
Earth Weak Strong       -     -     -
Light     -      -     -     - Strong/Weak
Dark     -      -     - Strong/Weak     -

Deck Edit

The game uses a typical 4 coloured deck with Fire, Water, Earth elements and then a combined Light & Dark element.

There is a similar amount of cards as in a typical Blackjack deck - with one notable difference: only two 10's of each element/land. The total amount of cards is 44.


Only one deck is used and it gets reshuffled when there are 5 cards left.

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