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Chaos Titan Edit

Each week on 10am Sunday GMT +10 a new week starts and a new Chaos Titan is ready to fought against. The player must be minimum Level 5 as they need to be joined with a guild to participate in the Chaos Titan Event.

Instead of requiring normal energy used to play dungeons to play, you will need to use Chaos Energy to fight. It requires 4 energy to fight with your team alone (4 members) or you can choose to spend 2 more energy and elect a member from your Guild to be on your team as well which also gives a 25% atk buff to the whole party.

The Event pits Guilds against each other by creating a total number of Titan kills for the Guild and scoring them in the Leader Board for Titan Kills. At the end of each week each Guild will receive rewards of Money, Gems, Runes and rune Shards dependent on where they have ranked. Every member of the guild receives the reward for the guild ranking regardless of their activity.

The Titan offers Milestone Rewards for individual kills that the player accumulates. These include; Money, Titan Energy, Summons, Scrolls, Chests, Rare Character Cards and Gems. These rewards are received immediately after reaching the required level.

Prizes Edit

By defeating a Chaos Titan at any level you will gain 350exp and 500gold regardless of level.

There are also individual rewards and guild rewards. The individual rewards are unlocked as soon as you kill the Titan the allocated amount of times and the guild rewards are allocated to the guild members after the completion of the week regardless of whether the member has been active.

Individual Rewards

Kills Rewards
1 5k gold + 7 chaos energy + 1 free honor summon
3 25 gems + 1 basic scroll (first type) + 3 ghosts (first type) + 1 rare chest
6 8 chaos energy + 3 basic scrolls (first type) + 2 free honor summons
10 50 gems + 15k gold + 2 royal scrolls (first type) + 1 royal scroll (second type)
15 3 free honor summons + 3 kings (first type) + 1 3-star card (check each titan)
21 75 gems + 3 royal scrolls (first type) + 1 royal scroll (second type)
28 15 chaos energy + 1 4-star card (check each titan) + 1 epic chest
35 100 gems + 2 divine scrolls (first type) + 1 divine scroll (second type)
43 50k gold + 2 combo scrolls (first type) + 1 combo scroll (second type)
50 150 gems + 3 gods (first type) + 1 5-star card (check each titan) + 1 legendary chest

Guild Rewards

Position Gold Gems
1 300k 400
2 150k 250
3 100k 150
4-10 75k 75
11-25 50k 50
26-50 25k 40
51-100 15k 30
101-500 10k 25
501-1000 7,5k 20
1001-1500 5k 15

Requirements Edit

To enter the Chaos Titan Event you will need to be a member of a Guild whether you create a new guild or join a preexisting guild.

Once joined with a guild you will need to complete Dungeon levels to activate the Titan into appearing. You will need to progressively need to complete more levels in a row before the Titan will appear depending on how many times you have killed the Titan.

Titan Appearance
Level 1-7 1 Dungeon Level
Level 8-21 2 Dungeon Levels
Level 22-52 (at least) 3 Dungeon Levels
4 Dungeon Levels

Chaos Titan Types Edit

Each week the Chaos titan switches to a different Titan. Each Titan has its own dual type which changes once it reaches half life and also special moves and vulnerabilities.

Name First Type Second Type Card Reward Start Ability Abilities Immunities
Leviathan Dark Water Wilfred You start with instant decrease of 50% in Atk, Def and Rec which will last for 4 rounds Defense break (lowers to Neg), Drain Life, Freeze, Silence Frozen, Stun, Silence, Corruption
Blight Water Light Moon Barrier which absorbs 40% of damage from your attack and boosted attack and defense. Freeze, Can buff its Attack and Defense, Boost and heal allies, Barrier(40%), Heal itself or ally, Remove negative effects and boosts itself Freeze, Stun, Corruption
Sloth Light Dark Azata Corruption, attacks can inflict silence Corruption, Stun
Monolith Fire Earth Zere Titan starts by boosting it's attack Burn, Defense break
Gluttony Earth Water Dille Poison, Freeze
Prism Fire Light Xal'ae Burn, remove stat buff. Burn
Tentacle Dark Fire Asai Defense decrease (100%? negative?) Corruption, Defense break (lower to negative), multiple attack Corruption, Burn
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