Chests[edit | edit source]

There are quite a few different chests in BattleJack and several different ways of obtaining and unlocking them. Chests can be obtained by successfully completing a Dungeon level, by purchasing them in the Shop, hitting a milestone in Chaos Titan kills, completing a set amount of Worlds to gain Star points, completing Quests to gain keys and also the 2x free chests that automatically tick down.

After successfully completing a dungeon level you will receive a chest which will be automatically placed in one of the four spots on your Main screen. If you have all four spots are occupied you will receive a warning message pop up before you enter a dungeon explain that you will not be able to receive anymore chests until a spot is free.

Each type of chest has a timer that must elapse before it opens. There is a minimum amount of cards for each chest but there is also a guaranteed amount of rarity cards for each type of chest.

Chest Type Gold Min. Cards Rare Cards Epic Cards Legendary Cards
Boss 560-805 3 1 - -
Rare 6000-8000 10 4 - -
Epic 20000-35000 10 3 2 1
Legendary 100k-150k 22 7 7 7
Free Chest * ? ? ? ? ?
Grand chest** ? ? ? ? ?
Star chest*** ? ? ? ? ?

*There are actually 2 free chests that have timers which run automatically. Once the timer has elapsed for the chests they will pulsate in the upper left corner of the main screen. Once claimed the timers will automatically start again.

**The Grand chest can only be claimed by completing enough Quests to obtain 5 keys

***The Star Chest is unlocked in the Story Mode page. After you complete each world/block of levels you will be allocated 1 star. The Star Chest progressively needs more stars to unlock the next one.

Gems[edit | edit source]

Gems can be used to bypass and finish the timers on the chests procured from the dungeons. This includes the Boss, Rare, Epic and Legendary Chests.

Chest Type Time to unlock Gems needed
Boss 45mins 8
Rare 8hours 80
Epic 12hours 120
Legendary 22hours 220

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Chests that are prizes of the Chaos Titan, Star chest and the Grand chest do NOT have timers as the requirements for opening these chest have already been filled by the time you obtain them.

Legendary Boss Chest // Hero Event (Asai & CXR)


Contains at least 8 cards, 3 rare, 2 epic, 1 legendary

Chest rarity[edit | edit source]

The droprate of chests is known due to an update of Smeek:

Chest Droprate Droprate before September 21st 2019
Normal 69% 85%
Rare (green) 20% 10%
Epic (purple) 9% 4.5%
Legendary (orange) 2% 0.5%

Update screenshot.png

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