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Unlike most dragons in Midgard, Gold Dragons are devoted opponents of evil, respected even by other dragons. Unfortunately, there aren't many left.
Lvl 40 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
HP 1046 1146
ATK 355 339
DEF 214 204
REC 243 220

Combo SkillEdit

Dragonling Siva's combo skill is with Claara. It changes all drawn Cards to the Light element.

How to obtain Edit

Dragonling Siva can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve Edit

Dragonling Siva can be evolved into Gold Dragon Siva.

This evolve will cost:

  1. Dragonling Siva at max level 40
  2. 3 3-star heroes
  3. 2 Light Bell Ringer
  4. 150K Gold
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