Friends[edit | edit source]

Friends can be used to bring an extra member onto your team and get 5 characters on board. You will also receive a 25% attack bonus for using your friend. You will be able to use one of your friends every 12 hours, then they will become locked.

You can add friends two ways. The first is by selecting someone's character to assist you on a mission. Once the mission has concluded you can then send the character's owner a friend request. Alternatively, a someone can do the same with one of your characters and send you a friend request. If you accept a friend request you will be awarded 10 honor points.

When starting the game you will only have a small number of friend spots but you can unlock more by leveling up your profile.

Every time a player uses your card in their team you get 20 honor points.

You won't be able to message them or chat with them, unless they are in your clan and you can always remove them from your friends list, keeping in mind that doing this well permanently lose them.

Friend's Character Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The addition of a fifth member to your team your friend's character also provides you with a Friend Skill. The Friend Skill is the same as the character's Leader Skill. The addition of a second Leader Skill can have a powerful effect on the match. Please note that Leader Skills do stack (i.e., having two characters with "Increase the ATK of Fire heroes by +60%" results in +120% to Fire heroes ATK).

The Friend's Character's stats are determined by the character's star level. Stats and skills of the character is always static (i.e., all four star Fire Master Eldric have the same stats). The character's level and runes have no effect.

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