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Adela protected the humans of Midgard during the darkest times of the Chaos War, and her virtue ignited the spark of divinity that was inside her all along.
Lvl 80 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
HP 2371
ATK 996
DEF 588
REC 240

Combo SkillEdit

Goddess Adela's combo skill is with Raziel. It changes all drawn Cards to the Earth element.

How to obtain Edit

Goddess Adela can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve Edit

Goddess Adela can be evolved into Supreme Earth Adela.

This evolve will cost:

Goddess Adela at max level 80

4 5-star heroes

1 Earth Sentinel

500k Gold

Another Goddess Adela

Other uses Edit

Goddess Adela is used in the Altar for the summoning of Wolf God Fenrir. 3 Goddess Adelas are needed in this process.

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