Gold is the main currency in the game. It is obtained and consumed in many ways.

How to obtain Gold Edit

Gold is obtained in many different ways. A lot of techniques are done very passively, but there are also effective ways of farming gold.

  1. A monster dropping a chest while fighting in a Dungeon will drop Gold, depending on what Dungeon you chose.
  2. Selling Heroes. Every card you sell will give you Gold, depending on their Stars and Level.
  3. Completing Daily Quests will award you with some Gold, as well as the Grand Chest.
  4. Opening Chests, every chest you open will drop Gold.
  5. Killing the Chaos Titan. Certain Milestone Rewards give Gold.
  6. At the end of a Chaos Titan, you get Guild Rewards, dependant on what rank your guild was in the Guild Leaderboard.
  7. Some Divine Events give huge Gold rewards if you complete the quests.
  8. Getting to a higher Division in Arena will grant you Unlock Rewards, which grant Gold.
  9. Some Achievements grant you Gold, but these are all just one-time Gold rewards.
  10. Buying the Rare Coin Chest in the Shop for 800 Gems will grant a lot of Gold, but it does cost Gems.
  11. Playing the Bug Paradise or Frog Paradise in the Portal is one of the best ways to earn quick Gold, but you will need Iron Keys. Also, on Saturdays, there is a Gold event, but this yields a lot less then the Paradises.

Where to spend Gold Edit

Gold can be spend on many things, here is a complete list of where to use your Gold.

  1. Levelling up Heroes requires Gold in order to sacrifice cards.
  2. Evolving Heroes to a higher star level always costs Gold.
  3. Awakening Enhancements costs a little bit of Gold.
  4. Levelling up Runes also costs Gold, even if your attempt fails.
  5. Crafting a Hero in the Hero Codex from Hero Pieces costs large sums of Gold.
  6. Crafting Runes, Potions and Scrolls in Tinker's Lab. Every action in Tinker's Lab costs Gold.
  7. Normal refreshing your Arena opponents costs x*2000-2000, where x is the number of times refreshed before, refreshes every day.

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