Guild information[edit | edit source]

Once reaching level 5 every player has an option to join a guild and combine their power with more players.

There is vast amount of benefits for joining a guild. From being able to enter into the Chaos Titan event and receiving rare items and large amounts of gold, knowledge of more experienced players, experience donation to help level up your character cards, the ability to earn Honor Points to spend on rare items and cards, ability to access their team leader as an ally to provide major boosts to your own team.

Fuse request:[edit | edit source]

Every player is able to request a fuse for the card they desire to level up, this can be done every 12 hours. The player places the card on the guild wall which other players will see. Once the player places the card other players are able to donate cards to your hero. At first, only 500 exp can be collected, going up 500exo every 10 player levels. The fuse does not cost any gold which is beneficial when leveling higher level characters. 7 donations can be made everyday tho only 1 donation to each members card. If the cards remaining amount of needed Exp is smaller than the donated amount of the sacrifice the remaining exp will be lost.

Donations:[edit | edit source]

With each donation to other guild members you will gain Guild Points and gold. You can these point in the Guild Shop to purchase rare cards, special evolution cards, special runes and Star potions. The gold however is dependent upon the characters star rating and experience and level the card is.

*TIP* The higher the level a card is the more experience you will give to your guild member and the more guild point and gold you will receive. Leveling up the donation card with a number of smaller other cards will at a small cost allow you to donate it for more gold.

Events:[edit | edit source]

During the Titan slaying events, the player has the option to select one member of their guild to aid them during the battle, this is free but costs 2 more Chaos Energy. The used member couldn't be used once more, only in the next event the player could use him again.

Wall:[edit | edit source]

Here players could chat and talk about anything they desire to, keep in mind that the owner of the guild might not like rude words. Kicking is the result of being inactive or not listening to the commands posted in the wall.

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