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Guild Points are blue coin-like resources. They can be used to buy Heroes, Hero Pieces, Runes, Potions and are used to summon Fire, Water or Earth Heroes inside the Guild Shop. They can be obtained by donating to other Guild members, either by donating Heroes for Exp or offering Potions to revive fallen Heroes in The Dark Maze. Another way to obtain Guild Points is by taking part in certain Divine Events.

Guild Shop[edit | edit source]

These are all the things you can buy with Guild Points:

Heroes Cost Hero Pieces Cost Element Summon Cost Runes Cost Potions Cost
Mimic 400 10 Tinkerer Tusk pieces 300 Rare Fire Hero 1200 Life Rune 450 Star Potion 40
Bat Mimic 800 10 Sand Prince Xal'ae pieces 300 Rare Water Hero 1200 Life Rune 450 Mega Star Potion 160
Dragon Mimic 1200 10 Vlad pieces 300 Rare Earth Hero 1200 Life Rune 450
Life Rune 450
Life Rune 450
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