File:Ironglove Torsten.jpg
Torsten gathered a trusted group of the empire veterans and forged them into a feared band of mercenaries, still loyal to the Empire.
Lvl 60 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
Hp 1615
Att 567
Def 362
Rec 207

Combo SkillEdit

Ironglove Torsten's combo skill is with Tusk. It removes Poison, Burn and Corrupt while adding a shield equal to 5x the DEF of Tusk and Ironglove Torsten combined to all allies.

How to obtain Edit

Ironglove Torsten can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve Edit

Ironglove Torsten can be evolved into Steelglove Torsten.

This evolve will cost:

  1. Ironglove Torsten at max level 60
  2. ?? 4-star heroes
  3. ?? Light Spirit King
  4. ?? Bat Mimic
  5. ??k Gold
  6. Another Ironglove Torsten
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