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Tapio is the God of all forests, watching over all within his verdant realm. From the smallest bug or sapling to the grand beasts and ancient trees, none can be harmed without evoking his wrath.
Lvl 100 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
HP 4345
ATK 1098
DEF 669
REC 389

Combo SkillEdit

Mythic Forest God Tapio's combo skill is with Hydra. The skill combines the both heroes ATK stat, and deals damage equals to 20x that number. The attack is on a single enemy and it reduced the ATK stat of the enemy target by 80% for 6 turns.

How to obtain Edit

Mythic Forest God Tapio can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve Edit

Mythic Forest God Tapio cannot

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