Each hero starts with primary and secondary statistics. Additional secondary statistics can be added to the hero by binding runes.

Primary statisticsEdit

There are four primary statistics assigned to each hero:

  • Health (HP) - the heath of the hero
  • Attack (ATK) - the hero's base attack power
  • Defense (DEF) - the hero's ability to defend incoming damage (translated to a percentage)
  • Recovery (REC) - the ability of the hero to recover (heal) between battles

Secondary statisticsEdit

Each hero starts with three secondary statistics:

  • Critical Chance - the likelihood the hero will deal additional damage (see Critical Damage)
  • Critical Damage - the amount of additional damage the hero can deal
  • Dodge - the likelihood of the hero avoiding incoming damage by "dodging" (moving out of the path of the incoming hit)

Binding runes to the hero can both improve the secondary statistics above as well as add additional secondary statistics:

  • Accuracy - the ability of a hero to successful do damage when an enemy dodges
  • Destroy - the ability of a hero to deal a percentage of the enemy's current health as additional damage
  • Leech - the ability of a hero to heal themselves for a percentage of damage done
  • Piercing - the percentage of an enemy's defense (DEF) that will be ignored when attacking
  • Thorn - the ability of a hero to counter incoming damage
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