Traits are attributes that are assigned to heroes. Every hero has at least one trait, as a hero needs to be a Spell Caster, Ranged, or Melee. Traits give heroes more power towards other traits or reduce damage if other heroes miss a certain trait. Skills also buff certain traits, so it is needed to look at traits of heroes to set up a well functioning team.

List of Traits Edit

Trait Name
Armored Takes less damage from non-piercing attacks.
Divine Lesser beings do reduced damage.
Flying Takes less damage from non-ranged attacks.
God Hunter Does extra damage to Divine.
Magical Takes less damage from non-spell caster attacks.
Mechanical Immune to Frozen and Stun
Piercing Does extra damage to Armored.
Ranged Does extra damage to Flying.
Spell Caster Does extra damage to Magical.
Undead Doesn't have REC. Immune to Silence.
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