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Henrich travelled to the far reaches of Midgard in search of the most powerful Magi. He was soon well known and respected in all the cities of the realm.
Lvl 40 Lord Anima Breaker Warden Oracle
HP 973
ATK 424
DEF 278
REC 255

Combo Skill[edit | edit source]

Water Mage Henrich's combo skill is with Tulva. It changes all drawn Cards to the Water element.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Water Mage Henrich can be obtained in multiple ways:

Evolve[edit | edit source]

Water Mage Henrich can be evolved into Water Lord Henrich.

This evolve will cost:

Water Mage Henrich at max level 40

3 3-star heroes

2 Blue Bell Ringer

100k Gold

Another Water Mage Henrich

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